How To Arrange Birthday Party For A Kid With Bouncy Castle?

The idea of hiring bouncy castle for kids’ birthday party has become so much popular that nowadays a birthday party without jumping castle sounds boring to kids. Bouncy castle adds an extra spark to birthday celebration, making it much more exciting and entertaining. Don’t know how you can arrange a great birthday party with bouncy castle, don’t worry. Following tips will help you arrange a superb birthday party for your kid with bouncy castle.

1. Select theme of your birthday party that kids will love. The party theme can be pirate, superhero, princess or fairy.

2. Count the number of guests who will attend the party and send invitations to all of them few days before the event.

3. Do research on internet or ask your friends and family about a reliable and affordable bouncy castle rental company in your nearby area. Contact bouncy castle Rental Company and ask about liability insurance, availability, safety procedures and the price.

4. Select bouncy castle according to age of kids, party theme and location of the party. Do tell the rental company on which day and time you need the jumping castle. If you can set up and operate the jumping castle by yourself then inform the rental company otherwise ask them to send someone at the party to set up and operate the bouncy castle.

5. Order cake that goes well with your overall party theme. Order drinks and party food that kids will love. Rent tables and chairs that are appropriate for kids and theme.

6. Ask your friends and family who would like to monitor kids when they will be playing on the jumping castle and who can operate the bouncy castle during the party. Brief the supervisor about how many kids can use bouncy castle at a time, what games kids can play on a jumping castle and what is not allowed to kids on a jumping castle( such as food items, shoes and jewellery ). Also make it the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure that kids do not do any harm to each other or to the jumping castle. Give the operating manual provided by the rental company to the bouncy castle operator so that he/she can operate it well during the party.

7. Decorate the party location according to the theme .Set up chairs and tables. Install bouncy castle yourself or let the rental company staff install it for you.

8. Welcome your party guests and do tell kids and their parents how the bouncy castle works. Make sure that the rental company staff or your friend/family member is perfectly operating the bouncy castle during the party.

9. Ask all the kids to leave the bouncy castle when the cake is being cut or food is being served.

10. As soon as the guests leave, clean up everything. Let the rental company staff deflate the bouncy castle or do it yourself. If the rental company staff was not present at the party, wait for them to collect the jumping castle from you at the end of the birthday celebration.

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